Q. Where can we get Salman’s range of food products?
Salman’s range of food products are available across all leading stores in the top cities of Pakistan. Which city are you situated in?
Q. Is Salman’s available in any other country?
Yes, we are available in the following countries and cities.
Q. Does Salman’s range of jam have a diet range as well?
Currently we don’t have any diet range in our jam but our product development team is working hard to introduce new products in the market. Stay tuned to our page.
Q. Is there any artificial flavor added in your jam?
Yes! There are some artificial flavors added in our jam products but our products go through strict quality control.

Honey Range

Q. Is your honey 100% Pure?
Yes, our Honey is 100% pure and natural; brought straight from the farm to your plate.
How long has Salman’s been in the honey business?
We take pride in being the pioneers of honey packaging in Pakistan. Honey business was initiated in 1950. With the Head Office in Swat, two honey bee farms were established, first in Saidu Sharif and a second in Madyan. In 1954, honey-processing unit was inaugurated with equipment imported from U.S.A.
My Honey has become solid. Is it pure?
Honey crystallization is a natural process which occurs when the naturally present glucose in honey precipitates out of the liquid honey. It does not in any way indicate impurity of honey.
What should I do if my honey becomes solid?
To reverse crystallization and liquefy honey, simply place bottle in hot water.
Why is honey filtered?
Freshly extracted honey contains bee particles and wax. It is filtered to achieve a smooth product.
Why is honey heated?
Honey is gently heated for filtration and production purposes. It also helps to delay honey solidification. Our state of the art specialized equipment and innovative procedures allows us to gently heat without causing any nutritional changes in the honey.
How do you maintain honey quality?
Honey is collected fresh during the harvesting season and is immediately stored in temperature controlled cold stores to preserve the freshness of honey. Honey is received from our prequalified beekeepers. At incoming, honey undergoes 11 different tests in our state of the art laboratory to ensure no substandard or impure honey is accepted.
Honey should not be had during summers as it builds up heat in the body?
Honey does not buildup heat in the body. Honey has multiple health benefits and can be taken any time during the year. It is a rich source of energy and provides both immediate and a sustained energy boost which is ideal for the energy draining summer months.